What is Health Coaching?

As a Health Coach, I closely guide you to a new path that will highly increase your opportunity for great health and wellness for your lifetime. We become partners in your wellness journey. We develop a close working relationship communication weekly as needed and we have a structured meeting or phone call (Skype, Face Time etc..) at least every two weeks to keep you on track to meet your goals.

Together, we assess your current health, set goals and develop a flexible yet strategic path to reach those health goals.

This is not about dieting, deprivation, and starvation, exercising or taking supplements. Overall, it’s learning how to develop wholeness and balance that leads to wellness in your life. To have balance you need great nutrition, adequate exercise and the ability to manage stress. I help you achieve these goals.

I cover every aspect from A to Z including, how to shop healthy (deciphering food labels), how to prepare healthy and delicious meals, meal preparation for the week, how to plan your food around trips, vacations and the holidays, how to reduce and manage stress and the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.

After a few months as we replace your current lifestyle, you will slowly slide into a new norm as though the old lifestyle and habits never existed.

We are a guide and change agent for your transformation.