Love Yourself Back to Health

love-yourself-to-health-black-font-pngIt’s 2017, are you happy with your health, fitness, overall direction in health? I hope your health is vibrant and rich!

If not, are you ready to build a healthy body this year?

You deserve a healthy body! But, do you love yourself enough to have one? Hmm, great question isn’t it? Love helped me kick diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, lymphedema and many other adverse health problems.

I was fat, super obese, morbidly obese.  Whatever term you want to use, it doesn’t change the fact that at 450+ pounds I was a big man and sick.

In 2006 God presented an opportunity and I grabbed it like a starving frog grabs a bug. I was sick and tired of being sick. I was tired of watching life instead of participating in life. I hated being on the sidelines, I wanted to live they way we are suppose to live, being activity and happy. I had neither. It hurt deeply to watch my grand kids playing and I couldn’t play with them.

It’s always during this season that I always reflect on the past year. It’s a special time of year for me. The journey of my lifetime began during the fall of 2006 and to say I am grateful is powerfully understated. I am forever blessed because I was desperate for change and not afraid of to try when the opportunity presented itself.

Life is truly a blessing, or a curse. I guess it depends on your perspective. I decided to change mine from a curse to a blessing. Regardless of your age or condition in most cases, you can improve your health and fitness. Just a little or extremely, the choice is yours.

In November of 2006 I began a wellness journey even though I had no clue what I was doing at the time.  I was 450+ pounds, diabetic, had high blood pressure, severe arthritis in my knees and ankles, sleep apnea, hives, rosacea and ocular rosacea. I hadn’t planned the journey; it was a blessing that came about while trying to help my wife overcome her debilitating fibromyalgia. This life event pushed me in the direction of nutrition. I am so blessed that it did.

Just so you understand my condition at the time, I couldn’t walk more than 200 feet without severe pain. Additionally, walking more than 5 to 10 minutes caused shortness of breath. My ability to exercise was severely restricted.  Most people in this condition don’t see a way to exercise because of the physical limitations of their obesity or affliction. It’s certainly understandable. I didn’t believe it was possible but I wanted my life back more than you can imagine. I hated watching my grandchildren playing while I watched. I wanted to be in the game with them.

The Change

Of all times to decide to try a new diet or lose weight the Thanksgiving and Christmas season wouldn’t be logical. But this wasn’t a diet it was a life change. An opportunity presented itself and I was not going to wait. I was jumping on the opportunity train! Dieting had gotten me too this point in my health and I wasn’t going back down that road.

My diet at this time was the same typical nutrient bankrupt American diet. However, I started adding nutritional supplements to my daily routine. Within a week my mood was better, my energy picked up and my blood sugar readings were improving. By week 2 my appetite was decreasing and my taste began to change. I am not sure how to explain this but my desire for unhealthy foods just went away. My wife actually brought it to my attention that I wasn’t having my normal honey buns, ice cream or candy bars as snacks or after dinner. Something in my body was changing.

By week 3 my energy level increased so much I decided to try to go for a walk. I was hopeful that my legs would bear the load and support me in my journey! My first walk was 200 feet. My knees hurt and felt very unstable but my gut told me I had to do it if I wanted any chance to improve my health. I had to just work through the pain. When I got back to my office I made a commitment that was a crucial part of my journey.  I committed to walking everyday and making each walk a little longer. I was amazed that my body responded to the challenge by getting healthier. The improvement was evident because my blood sugar levels continued to improve, I started to lose weight, I was able to walk longer each time and my energy continued to increase. In 2 weeks I was walking a mile without stopping.

By the end of 1 month my blood sugar levels were normal and I was walking multiple times per day. My blood pressure started coming down and the weight was really starting to come off. My taste were shifting even more. Without even really thinking about it our meals were changing. We started cutting out the fried foods and went to baked or grilled foods. We started adding a lot of vegetables with a few fruits and beans to our diet and cut out the breads and unhealthy desserts.

By the end of 6 months I was walking up to 8 miles a day and every aspect of my health was improving.  It took me 2 and 1/2 years to lose 220 pounds and it was a journey I still walk everyday.  In fact, I have no health issues at all as I am sharing this with you.

For the past 3.5  years my main exercise of choice is bicycling. I absolutely love cycling. Cycling is fun and a great way to get exercise. Regardless what type of bicycling you choose such as cruising around the park or town, cycling on a trail or a riding a road bike, its fun exercise.

I want to show you what I have been able to accomplish physically over the past year. Please do not think I am bragging, far from it. I want to show you how far you can take your health if you really want it.  In 2006 I had trouble walking and had multiple health problems.  In 2015 I think we can easily say my health and fitness has soared to new heights.

The secret to my health is eating real food without toxic additives, moving more everyday, managing the stress in my life, learning to love myself by giving love and kindness to those around me and supplementing my diet with a super product I developed called Vive!  It’s that simple.

My bicycling accomplishments for 2016

  • 6,202 miles bicycling during 2016
  • 277,864 calories burned
  • 298 days of cycling
  • 303,797 ft climbed (57.5 miles)

You will never change your life if you don’t change something you are doing. Please get off the couch and out of the fast food restaurants and build the kind of body you want! It starts with your next thought, bite and next step.

Regardless of your age or condition, your health can always be worse or it can be better. You have control over what you eat and how much you move. Even if you are limited in your mobility, there are ways to exercise.

I hope this motivates you to decide to get healthier this coming year. Anything is possible but it takes making changes in your life. You have to want it and I hope you do.

Healthy wishes

Wally Bishop C.N.C.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach




The contents of the email or written communication are not medical advice and should not be considered as such!  This blog is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your physician or health care provider if you have medical issues and before changing your diet or lifestyle or taking herbal or dietary supplements. Never start an exercise program with getting your doctors approval. Never quit taking medications unless advised to do so by your doctor.  Only your health care provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for your unique needs.

Wally’s Transformation – The Real Story

I am often asked about my story. How did I accomplish so much weight loss and do it without any surgery or medication?  My life change is a miracle for not only me, but for many others who now benefit from the blessings that were given to me.

This is how my miracle happened.

WallyFatIn the fall of 2005 I weighed somewhere in the range of 450+ pounds.  For nearly two decades, I “yo-yo” dieted my way from a 230 pound athlete to an obese, unhealthy person. You might be wondering how this could have happened.  I, too, wondered every time I looked into the mirror.  And, I kept hoping that the reflection I saw was not me.  Each and every time I started a diet, I would lose some weight, but, it always returned and carried an added penalty of ten or more pounds.  It got to the point that I realized dieting was going to kill me.  I knew that I didn’t want to be obese or even overweight any longer, and I prayed daily to God, asking him to deliver me from the prison of physical bondage.

A few years earlier my wife developed Fibromyalgia.  It developed into a severe case and she was unable to work.  It tortured me to see this normally energetic, hard working, life-loving person suffering so much, yet, there was nothing I could do to help her.  I felt totally hopeless.  She was seeing three different doctors, was taking seven different medications, and continued to grow more ill.   I prayed relentlessly for a solution to her Fibromyalgia during the fall of 2006.
Miraculously, two things happened simultaneously.  First, in early November of 2006, I was diagnosed with diabetes and prescribed medication.  After reading the warning that included a disclaimer, “may cause death”, I was adamant that I was not going to take it.

Truthfully, I never thought I would get diabetes.  Through the years, my doctor had warned me that at my weight, it was only a matter of when, not if.  The diagnosis really scared me.  I literally didn’t eat for three days.  I already had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and severe arthritis, skin conditions, lymphedema and rosacea.  Adding diabetes to the list of illnesses was unbearable.

At the same time, I began seeing a guy on TV selling a colon cleanse.  Ironically, every time I turned on the TV there he was.  On Saturday mornings I would get in my truck or car and I would hear the same guy doing an infomercial on the radio.  “OK God,” I thought, “I get the message loud and clear.  My wife needs a colon cleanse”.  I decided that if that is what she needed, I was going to get the very best product available.  I did my research, talked with several providers and finally, I found a product that sounded just right.  I called and spoke with a very sweet lady named Rena.  After explaining the details of my wife’s ailments, Rena didn’t want to sell me the cleanse.  She felt it might be too intense.  Instead, Rena recommended a different product to boost my wife’s nutrition, and she explained it was not only a better option to begin with – the product was lower cost, as well.  When’s the last time you had someone undersell you?  It felt right, so I placed the order and was excited!  I just knew this was going to help my wife feel better.  I wanted to surprise my wife, and didn’t tell her about my research or the order.  When the package arrived on Friday, I explained the “surprise”.  Oh, was she surprised… however, not in a good way.  She was dead set against trying it.   She had already determined that this was her life and she was tired of all of the previous failures.  You see, we had tried many different treatments (all medical) and none had worked at all.  She commented, “What makes you think something natural can help me when medicine and doctors can’t?”  I didn’t see that coming, and my answer that I had prayed and God led me to this product, wasn’t sufficient.   She didn’t “buy” my explanation one bit.  However, all weekend a little voice kept telling me to take the new nutritional product.  On Monday I started taking it as directed.

By the end of the first week I noticed I felt better.  By the end of the second week my cravings were going away.  (I actually discovered this by accident.  In my office I had a drawer that I kept my stash of snacks.  On Friday, I had to get in the drawer for something else, and I was shocked that all of my honey buns and Snicker bars were still there.  I honestly hadn’t realized I hadn’t eaten one snack all week!)  That was a real revelation.  I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening to me.  The following week, my energy level really increased, so much so, that I just had to go for a walk.  The first walk I had taken in years!  Though only about one hundred yards, it was terribly painful and difficult.  I had developed severe arthritis in my left knee and ankle.  However, I was very determined to get my life back.  I was beginning to see a ray of light and some hope, and I was not going to let hope slip away.  Later that afternoon I walked again, and I repeated it every day, increasing the distance gradually, with each walk.   Within two weeks I went from being able to walk only 100 yards to walking 1 mile!!!  Within one month my diabetes dropped to almost normal levels.  During this time my taste began to change.  My desire for the “bad foods” was diminishing.  Additionally, I had an incredibly strong desire to learn all I could about nutrition and natural health, which I am certain God instilled within me. I began to read and study every book and article I could get my hands on.  Within three months I was back at night school, studying and learning nutrition.

During the early days, my diet began to change to a more plant based diet with a lot less sugar, breads and fatty meats.  I continued walking several times every day. Thankfully, I had a very understanding manager who encouraged me to walk while working, since I was always available by phone!  I gradually worked my way up to walking six to eight miles daily.  In fact, during the first 18 months, the only exercise I did was walking.  The weight was melting off and my health was improving dramatically.

What I now know, and what I want you to clearly know and understand through my experience, is that while I had been over-feeding myself, I was starving nutritionally.  The combination of nutrition starvation and a high intake of refined sugars and breads caused the cravings that I could not control.  The intake of a good nutritional product combined with a nutritious diet gave me the nutrition my body desperately required, and served as the catalyst that my body needed to change.  I continued to take that product for a while and then began adding other supplements to it to boost my nutrition even more.  My wife noticed the positive changes going on, and soon joined me on the quest for a healthier lifestyle.  I’m delighted to tell you that within the next year she was 90% better.  Nutrition works!

You might believe that my doctor was very happy for my discovery, right?  Not quite. For years he always pushed gastric bypass surgery.  He never once recommended changing my diet or nutrition as an alternative approach.  I was so excited about the changes in my health, and I couldn’t wait to tell him about my discovery.  He was not impressed.  His comment was, “Well, you are walking more so that’s why you are losing weight.”  (While that was true, I couldn’t have walked before because of my aches and pains.)  He added, “Your diabetes is better because of the medication.” I replied, “No, Doctor, I never took the medication.” My doctor continued, “Well, then it’s because you changed your diet.” I explained, “Yes, because the nutrition helped reduce my cravings.” Still a doubting Thomas, the doctor stated, “Nutrition isn’t going to help you, it won’t hurt you, but, it doesn’t help anything.”  He couldn’t have been more wrong.

I explained to my doctor that I wasn’t going to change one aspect of my new lifestyle.  He shrugged, and wrote me a prescription for blood pressure medication and another for my rosacea.  Over the next year my need for blood pressure medications went away.  I have a yearly physical to make sure I am staying healthy.

As of this writing, I have no adverse health issues.  I am not taking any medications.  I have lost almost 220 pounds of fat and gained about 20 pounds of muscle.  I exercise everyday but Sunday.  Exercise is a critical part of being healthy.  My body is now able to perform just about any task I ask of it.


My routine is simple.

I eat healthy 90% of the time and I indulge 10% of the time, meaning, I can eat anything I want.  I have two healthy smoothies every day, a couple of healthy snacks and one healthy meal.  And, I exercise at least 1 hour six days per week. Now I bicycle for 6 to 10 hours and 120 to 150 miles every week! What a turn around in health!!

WallyThinA concept is born.  I had to make the transition easier for others.

All during this time, I was not satisfied with having to take so many different nutritional products.  Not only was it confusing and time consuming, I believed that there had to be a better way to get the nutrition our bodies needed.  Today it is impossible through diet alone to get all of the nutrition we need, because our foods do not have the nutrition they had 50 years ago.  Everyone needs extra supplementation.  My concept had to include only one or two products, and they must be very easy to take.  I believed that if I could change my lifestyle, then I could help others alter theirs, as well.   I could overcome a major reason most American are so unhealthy, because of nutrient starvation.

After completing my education and receiving my certification, I began helping other people make changes to their diet and lifestyle, but I continually ran into a major obstacle.  Nutrition supplementation was confusing and difficult. Everyone that is changing from the Standard American Diet (SAD) is nutrient bankrupt and requires supplementation to overcome their nutrient deficiency. We must increase a body’s nutrient stores to control cravings and improve adverse conditions.  The nutrients make changing one’s diet much easier. Our tastes begin to change when our body’s nutritional stores begin reaching levels of adequacy in the body.  Raising nutrient stores in the body allows people to have better control over their food choices.

Over the years I have completed extensive research, and tried hundreds of different nutritional products, and not one of them fulfilled my goals.  Some were close nutritionally, but either didn’t taste good or were confusing to take, or a combination of both undesirable factors.

I began in earnest to make my nutritional dream product a reality.  This was a major undertaking, but I knew it could be done. It took three years of development to accomplish, but we did it.  Two important goals of the product were to fulfill very strict and demanding nutritional objectives, and be pleasing to the palate.  Our goals were difficult to accomplish, since traditionally, these goals have been on the opposite ends of possibilities.  It’s very difficult to make a product that is incredibly nutritious taste good, in fact, it’s  nearly impossible. I have to admit I wasn’t sure it could be done. There are many viable products on the market, but they tend to fall into one of two categories:   very nutritious and taste bad, or taste great and offer limited nutrition. We spent six months alone just perfecting the texture and taste. I knew if it didn’t taste great and the texture didn’t feel right, people would not take it.
Introducing Vive!  Weight Loss and Health as Easy as 1-2-3

Today our new nutritional product Vive! is not only incredibly nutritious, but is enjoyable to drink.  It provides the essential areas of nutrition your body needs.  Vive! provides vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, protein, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Vive! has just about the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to facilitate better absorption of the nutrients. We turned Vive! into a drink mix that is so versatile you can make it a drink, a shake, a pudding and ice cream, too! And as importantly, it is the best tasting nutritional drink you are going to find, guaranteed.

Vive! can be used as a meal or snack replacement and is perfect for weight loss.  It’s great for moms, athletes, kids, and senior citizens.  Truly, Vive! is for anyone wanting the best in nutrition and optimal health.

Vive! is simple.  No more pills, capsules or spoons of supplements, just two shakes a day, with one healthy meal and several healthy snacks, and you will be on your way to a healthier life.
Vive for Life
Shake It, Drink It, Live It!

Healthy Wishes
Wally Bishop C.N.C.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach